Pesticides pose hazards, especially to children who may be sensitive to them. IKE's goal is to reduce both pests and pesticide exposures, and to ensure that parents who are concerned about pesticide use in schools are notified so they can take appropriate action.

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Additional Resources

Office of the Indiana State Chemist - Responsible for regulating the distribution and application of pesticides in Indiana and certification programs for pesticide applicators. File a Pesticide Complaint with the Indiana State Chemist: Each year the State Chemist investigates more 150 complaints, including those dealing with pesticide use, misuse, damage, storage, disposal, and credentialing. Also provides staff support to the Indiana Pesticide Review Board.

iSchool Pest Manager - a central hub for IPM materials for school districts’ use in verifiable IPM. The overall goal is to increase the numbers of schools conducting verifiable school IPM programs, improving human health, the environment and/or the school community.

Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society - find native species resist local pests.

Pesticide Action Network - an organization promoting alternatives to pesticides.

Beyond Pesticides - a coalition against the misuse of pesticides.

Questions about Pesticides?

Are you pregnant and wondering about using a pesticide inside your home?

Do you have questions about the safe use of insect repellents on your children?

Call the National Pesticide Information Center to talk with real, live specialists who can answer your questions and translate all the scientific lingo about pesticides into information that helps you make informed decisions.

Call toll-free 1.800.858.7378 or visit NPIC anytime on the web at