About IKE

Our Mission

To protect children from environmental health hazards through advocacy, education and initiatives that create environmentally healthy homes, schools and communities.


Improving Kids’ Environment (IKE) was established in May of 1999 by Tom Neltner. It is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation based in Indianapolis, Indiana, that works to reduce environmental threats to children’s health.

IKE is well-received and well-known in the environmental arena in Indianapolis and Central Indiana. We provide a unique and necessary service to many communities in our service area. Since its inception, we have provided advocacy and program support to reducing environmental threats to children’s health.

Our Vision

Improving Kids Environment strives to be a widely recognized, respected and effective leader in its field, by setting standards and providing advocacy and education that will promote a society that protects all children from recognized, serious, environmental health threats.

Meet the Team

 Margaret Frericks

Executive Director
Margaret has a PhD in Environmental Science from the Ohio State University and has experience working with School Integrated Pest Management programs in Ohio. She also has experience is sustainable and organic agriculture and has led numerous programs in Ohio in the past. She was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines. She can be reached at 317-677-4760 or mfrericks@ikecoalition.org.

 Board of Directors

Dr. John Ellis, President
Medical Director, Managed Health Services (MHS); President, Indianapolis Medical Society

Dr. Jack Leonard
President of Environmental Management Institute in Indianapolis, Indiana

Richard van Frank
Retired Biochemist and Member, Monitoring Workgroup of USEPA’s National Conversation on Public Health and Chemical Exposures

Dana Reed Wise
Bureau Chief Environmental Health at the Marion County Public Health Department

Benjamin Ellis, JD
IN Attorney General’s Office