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Healthy Homes Healthy Schools Healthy Communites

A Child’s health is affected by where they live. Learn what environmental threats are in the home and how you can make your home safer. More

   Lead & Lead Poisoning

   Lead-Safe & Healthy Homes

    Task Force

   Pesticides in the Home

Children spend most of the day in schools so it is critical that schools are environmentally healthy and safe for your child. More

   School IPM Coalition

   Integrated Pest Management

   Indoor Air Quality

   Smart Schools Don’t Idle

Our communities are where children play and grow. We need to insure a safe environment for all children. Learn how to protect our communities.

   Outdoor Air Quality

   Clean Water


Healthy Homes Healthy Schools Healthy Communites

To protect children from environmental health hazards through advocacy, education and initiatives that create environmentally healthy homes, schools and communities.

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